Environmental Consultants

Whitebark Resource Associates, Inc. (WRA) is a multidisciplinary resource group specializing in environmental science, planning, analysis, and geographic information systems (GIS) development. We provide consulting services to a diverse set of clients including private business, industry, agencies, municipalities, and Native American tribes. WRA is a locally-owned firm headquartered in Boise, Idaho, with offices in McCall and Idaho Falls, Idaho, as well as Everett, Washington. WRA integrates skills and expertise from many technical disciplines into a team that thrives on collaboration to provide solutions to complex problems. Because each project is unique, we believe meeting the specific objectives of the client comes first, and carefully select from a full range of approaches to meet those objectives. Whitebark Resource Associates’ success is built upon providing technically-sound and cost-effective solutions to best meet the individual needs of each client.  WRA's staff are the firm's most valuable resource, instrumental in the success and growth of the firm. The breadth of experience and depth of knowledge available in WRA's ranks are substantial. Our corporate culture fosters a strong work ethic, open communication, low overhead, quality products, and lasting client relationships.


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