Strategic Plan


In 2008 the Board of Trustees decided to develop a strategic plan in order to ensure ABCEP's continued success in supporting the environmental profession. A Strategic Planning Team including Board of Trustee members and CEP volunteers was formed to begin formulating potential mission statements and associated goals. The Team considered financial, customer, business, educational and growth objectives. Preliminary results and a request for input were sent to CEP members in the form of a survey in August 2009. The Strategic Planning Team reviewed the survey feedback and prepared the components of the preliminary Strategic Plan, vision and mission statements and strategic priorities and objectives. The Board of Trustees approved the Strategic Plan in January 2010.


ABCEP is the lead organization certifying environmental professionals; maintaining exemplary standards of ethics and technical practice; and supporting individuals, our profession and the public relying upon our services.


ABCEP is dedicated to serving the public and our profession globally by conferring the CEP credential upon meritorious environmental professionals found to meet exemplary standards of ethics and technical practice.


A survey was done with the Academy members to outline the plan and develop the focus for plan implementation.
The monthly newsletter was developed so that the Board and members could better communicate.
The Board has developed and adopted many membership policies and administrative procedures that are now in place.
The mentoring program was developed with the initiation of the Pre-CEP Committee to assist CEP-ITs and applicants.
The Academy’s Body of Knowledge was developed as an active wiki that could be updated continuously reflecting the active advancement of the environmental field.
CEP-in action was developed to highlight members and their contributions to the field.
Award programs have been enhanced and developed including the Kramer Award and the Emerging Young Environmental Professional Award.
The application process has been automated and there is a constant effort to completely automate and improve the application process.
Many CEP workshops have been held to educate environmental professionals on the certification process and assist them in the initiation of the process.
The ASTM environmental professional process is being followed and insertion of the CEP into federal, state and local programs is a continuous objective.
Partnerships are being developed with the National Association of Environmental Professionals (and state and local associations), American Public University, and, most recently, the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.
Transitioned administration to Bower Management and transitioned the Chairman of the Certification Review Board from Robert Michaels, Ph.D. to Kris Thoemke, Ph.D.
The CEP by Eminence was developed as an alternative certification route for senior environmental professionals.



The Board of Trustees will need to revisit and refocus the strategic plan to address the goals of the Academy for the next five years. We will be reaching out to the members for guidance in those goals, so please start to think about where we should go in the next five years and be ready to respond when asked.
If you have questions, please contact ABCEPs Executive Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


ABCEPs Strategic Plan is implemented by volunteer CEPs who serve on several committees: Membership Benefits, Communications, Pre CEP, Certification Review Board, Marketing/Recognition and Executive Committees.

If you are a CEP interested on serving on one or more of these committees please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





Gain state and federal recognition of CEP in regulatory requirements.

Gain state licensing or recognition by a national standards organization.

Increase CEP identification and value through improved communications.


Realize efficiencies in marketing and training opportunities through partnerships.

Collaborate with organizations that may increase and expand ABCEP Membership.


Provide career growth and networking opportunities for ABCEP membership.

Initiate financial service options and benefit options for ABCEP membership.

Retain and diversify ABCEP membership.