Newly Certified

Dr. Kris Thoemke, CEP, Chair of the Certification Review Board, is pleased to announce the certification of the following new Certified Professionals.



Name Certification
Susana  Alvarado Tricoche CEP - In Training
Audrey  Becnel CEP - In Training
Margaret  Berman Documentation
Robert Brent CEP By Eminence
Tyler Clouse CEP - In Training
David  DeGhetto CEP - In Training
Rebecca  Dougherty CEP - In Training
Kristin  Edwards Operations
Sonya  Erickson No Functional Area
Kim  Fikoski CEP By Eminence
Nicholas Fuller CEP - In Training
William  Garrett CEP By Eminence
Stephen  Hodapp CEP By Eminence
Joe  Howard CEP - In Training
Christopher  Lacey CEP - In Training
Susan Liszeski Documentation
Beau  Masse CEP - In Training
Robert  Nielson Operations
Hilary  Noskin CEP By Eminence
Katherine  Owens CEP - In Training
Nicholas  Piane CEP - In Training
Jason  Rickards No Functional Area
Sara  Rothamel CEP - In Training
Jeffrey  Rubini Operations
Jeremy  Sterk CEP By Eminence
Thomas  Szocinski Assessment
Audra Upchurch Planning
Armando  Villa Documentation
John  Volkerding No Functional Area